Secure Login

Secure Login


Latest bugs filed for SecureLogin

Bug #Description
25629 Remove the links to Abine support from the AMO page
25628 Secure Login bookmarks: two Master Password dialogs appear since a Fx 26.0a1 Nightly
25147 moz_logins not updated
25123 and - Does not type in username anymore
24870 Keyboard Shortcut Not working in FF 13b
24657 Unable to detect the login credentials
24032 Toolbar button disabled in Yahoo!
23444 Speed up initializing
23159 shortcut for login with default account ,hotkey not work in 4.0B5Pre
23150 Error: "... (NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI) [nsIIOService.newURI]" ... location: "JS frame :: chrome://securelogin/content/secureLogin.js :: line 2038"

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